Issuing Services

We offer a quick alternative for many companies looking to build a scalable card product and get their proposition to market. BIN sponsorship allows firms to process payments through an intermediary direct scheme member.

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Merchant Acquiring

Merchant Acquiring is an integral part of payment transaction processing. As an acquirer, we help businesses and merchants to accept card payments from their customers via online payments, by MO/TO or by POS in-store.

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Digital Banking

Moorwand Digital banking provides a seamless way of making faster payments and instant payments (SEPA) to residents or customers within the UK and Eurozone.

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What we offer


In an industry where things are evolving all the time, we recognise the importance of being quick to market. That's why we guarantee not only to deliver secure solutions for our clients, but also a quick onboarding and integration process. You've got the vision, and we want to give you the functionality and the control to bring it to life at speed.

Agnostic Delivery

We know that every payments project relies on the support of a number of players, so we only work with those we trust. We're partner agnostic and already work with all the major schemes, processors and manufacturers in the ecosystem. We support the innovators of the fintech space and enable them to grow their businesses with the right partners by their side.


We have built a reputation as experts in payment and card solutions. We are the only BIN sponsor, issuer and acquirer that has distilled decades of legal, regulatory and payment expertise into its services. We're all about providing operational efficiency, so we've hired specialists who can bring something different to what we can offer our clients.

Why Choose Us

be part of the future of payments


Moorwand was founded in 2014 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. We may be young, but we've proved that we have what it takes


international offices. Our company is growing every month as we take on new and exciting projects, so we've had to find bigger spaces for our teams


Moorwand employees. We are continuously hiring specialists who can bring something different to what we can offer our clients and their products

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